Surface Preparation Service

Surface Preparation

Southwest Specialty Coating offers and excels in a wide range of surface preparation options, including dry abrasive blasting, water/sand slurry blasting, hot and cold water blasting, dry ice blasting, vacuum blasting and vacuum power tools.

Our experienced field personnel are highly trained in all aspects of surface preparation ensuring a properly prepared substrate prior to receiving protective coating application. On the surface this may seem inconsequential but considering 90% of all coating failures stem from improper surface preparation it is one of the most critical steps on your project.

Southwest Specialty Coating uses the latest technologies and methods to provide the safest, most efficient and cost effective approach in the industrial painting industry. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project and provide you with the most economical, environmentally friendly and safe approach to your project.

Dry abrasive blasting

This time tested method is the work horse of our industry. Southwest Specialty Coating utilizes 8 ton bulk blast pots to minimize down time while maximizing production. All our units have recently been upgraded to meet current safety, reliability and production expectations.

Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff select the correct blast media, containment and work plan to ensure a safe and efficient schedule to meet your critical path requirements.

Sand/Water Slurry

An environmentally friendly option for abrasive blasting, this system uses a water and sand slurry mix under pressure to prepare the surface. By removing dust that is created by dry abrasive blasting, this method eliminates the need for containment while reducing clean-up costs.

Ideal for buried pipelines, spheres, vessels tanks and concrete, if it can be done with dry blasting we have the equipment to provide you the same profile and cleanliness using water technology.

Dry Ice

Using dry ice pellets as a blast media certainly has a place in our industry. Ideal for the food processing industry, sensitive equipment or removing graffiti from finished concrete or steel structures, dry ice leaves virtually no residuals while cleaning your substrate.

Vacuum Blast

Vacuum blasting and power tooling is a viable option for removing hazardous materials from your facility. Like the name suggests, the hazardous materials are blasted or mechanically removed from the substrate and contained in a canister for disposal. This method is best suited for small, sensitive environments.

Hot and Cold Water Washing/Blasting

Southwest Specialty Coating has extensive experience using water blasting as a safe, effective way of removing a wide range of chemicals and contaminants from concrete and steel surfaces. Pressure washing allows us to prep a surface to be void of all visible rust, dirt, previous coatings, loose scale, and foreign matter that would otherwise be detrimental to surface preparation. We use both hot, cold and steam water washing to meet the demands and needs of our costumers.